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Bangalore back to roots … er, ground

Posted by hs on December 11, 2005

The current state government in Indian state of Karnataka (whose capital is Bangalore) has been trying to project itself as being pro-‘common man’ by increasing performing anti-IT actions.

After numerous outbursts from Chief Minister (Head of State Government) and his alliance partners, here’s another one: Renaming Bangalore. For the city which is (correctly) termed as ‘Silicon Valley of India’, instead of improving infrastructure (which sucks big time!), focus is now on frivolous stuff. The latest proposal to rename Bangalore to Bengaluru – would it solve the infrastructure and safety woes that have been plaguing Bangalore for the past few years – lack of security, no new roads, no flyovers, magnificent traffic jams?

Keywords: Bangalore, Bengaluru, Rename, Infrastructure, India, Silicon Valley, Government


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