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Adblock Flickr Workaround

Posted by hs on December 4, 2005

Recently while posting new pics on Flickr, I noticed that the Organizr was not working properly in Firefox. I double-checked the page in another browser (Netscape 7.2), and it seemed to be working all right. I had more than a hunch that AdBlock might be behind this, as some of the Flash objects in other sites were also not working properly.

Some searching on Flickr Forums led me to this thread. Disabling Obj-Tabs in AdBlock preferences helps. It might break something else, but I am not complaining, at least for now.

Here’s another (a bit unrelated) example of how AdBlock can be used creatively to alleviate problems created by other sites.

Keywords: AdBlock, Flickr, Organizr, Bug, Firefox, Obj-Tabs


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