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Web-based IM Clients

Posted by hs on December 1, 2005

Most of us have been, at one time or the other, prevented from plugging into the wonderful world of online chatting due to unavailability of these clients (Y! Messenger, MSN, AIM, etc.), or more so by the myraid Information Security policies in force all around.

Although web-versions of such clients (e.g. MSN & Yahoo!) havebeen around for long, most of them do not work very satisfactorily, or the sites themselves are blocked anyways. Increasingly, 3rd party web-based clients are coming up. One of the advantages is that these are relatively less-known (to the IS departments atleast) and operate totally off the web (bypassing proxy checks), just like any other website. I have tried e-Messenger but it has its own limitations, especially since Yahoo & AIM support is still in beta (Y! message-dropping rate is pretty high).

Meebo seems to be a promising client – it supports Google talk (and Jabber) alongwith MSN, Yahoo & AIM/ICQ. The Meebo team is pushing out new releases very proactively, and being featured on CBS also helps, I guess!

A word of caution here: As with all other sites, be sure to read the privacy policy and other fine-print very carefully before sharing any information.

Update: Gtalkr is another web-based Google talk client

Keywords: Web-based IM Client, Bypass proxy, Meebo, e-Messenger, Gtalkr, Chat Client, Yahoo Messenger, AIM, ICQ, MSN Messenger


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